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hi everyoner im new

Hi, Im Sarah, I started driving last year in September.  I had 45 lessons, got to know the car, but we didn't talk about the theory, got me a bit worried, and thought I would be doing the theory when I was ready to take my practical.  I switched jobs, so I had had to swapp as she didn't driving the hours i had finished work.  Luckly I found Hayley, which changed my thoughts on the road.  I wasn't very calm with my last instructor and I couldn't talk much about things, but with Hayley, most of my questions have been answered and I feel more comfortably.
Thanks Hayley big_smile


13-01-07 19:03:41

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Re: hi everyoner im new

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Re: hi everyoner im new

Welcome to the forum, you're lucky to have Hayley as your instructor she's a very nice person smile

Good luck with your theory and practical in the future and pop in to chat regularly we're normally around smile


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Re: hi everyoner im new

Thankyou Sarah you are a pleasure to teach. I have stopped Sarahs lessons temporarily so she can concentrate on the theory as it is a big hurdle to her then we will do lots of hours with a test at the end welcome to the forum Sarah see you in chat  lol wink

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Re: hi everyoner im new

Hi Sarah,

welcome to the forum smile

i'm glad you're enjoying the driving now and can talk about things! it sounds like you're doing really well smile

keep it up!!!

good luck with the driving xxxxxxxx smile


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Re: hi everyoner im new

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the forum!

Good luck with your theory!! smile

Started learning to drive: December 2005
Theory Passed 1/2/2007 - 35/35 & 59/75
Practical: 15/08/2007 - 5 Minors


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