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Part 2 in Lincoln

Anyone taken there part 2 in Lincoln (Procters Road)?

I have mine soonish and I am going to drive up there to have a look around plus a dry run from Peterborough to see how long it's going to take.

Anyone know where abouts the test route is ?

Thanks Ivan

Part 1 : 99% / 59 Passed 1st time
Part 2 : 2 Minors / Passed 1st time
Part 3 : 3rd attempt booked again for July.


10-07-06 10:58:15

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Re: Part 2 in Lincoln

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Re: Part 2 in Lincoln

I should think there is more than one test route for that test center and the part two tests. You can have a look on the DSA website and type in the center you are looking for in the search.

Just have a look for anything a little dodgy that could catch you out if you are unfamiliar with the area. In other words take a little drive about the area.

Good luck  smile

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