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#1 03-07-06 14:25:16

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Part 2 Help

Hi all,

Just to say passed Part 1 this afternoon...94/63.

Anyone know of a good ADI trainer in SW16/SW17 area for Part 2 training?  With TIC, but will probably need some more practise


Part 1 - Passed 94/63 - July 2006
Part 2 - Passed 2 Minors - 11/08/06
Part 3 - Bring it on!!


03-07-06 14:25:16

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Re: Part 2 Help

#2 03-07-06 16:45:57

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Re: Part 2 Help

Congratulations on your pass.  big_smile

I am with TIC and have had extra training on part 3, could of done with more on part 2 though.  I should have got stroppy with them but too late now.  I am sure someone will come up with an answer to your question but not my area I'm afraid.

Jellybean big_smile


#3 16-07-06 18:29:26

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Re: Part 2 Help

Yes I was with the tic a few years a go but its better 2nd time around now I'ma  bit older + in cambridgshire instead of harrow


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