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#1 01-10-04 09:47:52


stalling quickie

i have a habit of stalling the car esp, if im nervous.

hence im woried about my test day.  if i stall the car, will i fail?
ta v. much  big_smile

01-10-04 09:47:52

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Re: stalling quickie

#2 01-10-04 11:02:38

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Re: stalling quickie

Hi Dorey,
The stalling occurs when you have brought the clutch up too quickly, which causes you to go past the biting point and results in a stall.  When you are nervous your left leg may be a little shakey and maybe that is tha cause of the stall.  When you engage the gear, if you can slowly bring the clutch up to find the biting point, try to imagine bringing the clutch up to the thickness of a pound coin at a time, if you can bring it up this slowly, bit by bit, you should reach the biting point easily thus avoiding a stall.
If you stall on test, depending on your situation, you can either put handbrake on, select neutral, engage first gear, biting point etc., or if you have a ten ton truck bearing down from behind you, I will be inclined to clutch down, start, off you go.  Which ever method you choose, providing you have used effective observation, you should only pick up a minor for the stall.  If you stall repeatedly, say 3 or 4 times, this now becomes a driving fault, which will result in a serious, as it is becoming a bad habit, you are not finding the biting point correctly.  Most Examiners are sympathetic in understanding you will be nervous on your driving test, and put the stall down to nerves!
Hope this helps


#3 01-10-04 13:27:27


Re: stalling quickie

hiya, yep think that will help. i tend to learn more when i visulise stuff (seeing is believing i guess) so imaging the thinkness of a pound coin is a good one.

thanks alot

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