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#1 17-09-04 11:38:21


Intensive courses for the nervous!

Hello all - Over past five years I have taken my test twice but never quite made it through, and the problem is one of confidence. For some reason I am just terrified of driving, even though I can do it! I think if an intensive course might help (I do twelve hour days so weekly one-off lessons are hard).

Anyone have any advice or tips about this?

17-09-04 11:38:21

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Re: Intensive courses for the nervous!

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Re: Intensive courses for the nervous!

Hi Scrumps,

My advice would simply be "keep trying". If its only nerves that are letting you down (as it is for lots of others) then it makes no difference whether you take weekly lessons or an intensive course. One way or the other, you, like thousands of others every day, just have to hold it together for around half an hour or so.

I've taught plenty of people who suffered the same problem as you and it really is siimply a case of "perseverance".

So, don't give up, keep trying 8)


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Re: Intensive courses for the nervous!

hello Scrumps

so your in the same trade as me 12h day lol
i remember thinking like yourself.
what i thoght is they are watchin my ever move
and i hate being watched so what i do is look into the road
like I'm in the car alone
not thinkin of the test
just about the chance of the lighting changin colour
and watching out for damgers

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Re: Intensive courses for the nervous!

you need to build your confidence the only way to do this is to do plenty of practice at driving.The more competent you get the more your confidence will grow.Why are you terified of driving? understanding this will help you t overcome your fear which will in turn increase your confidence and help reduce your nerves. :twisted:


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Re: Intensive courses for the nervous!

ha ha - excellent question. My first instructor's wife ran off with another woman and he was so traumatised about this that he, and therefore I, became a nervous wreck. And it went downhill from there really. I had one lesson whilst at uni where the teacher was in a v clapped out metro, didn't speak english very well, and insisted that I drive up the bus lane (I think that that is illegal?).

I find this all quite amusing now! But it hasn't helped with the confidence levels.

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