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To be or not to be?

I'm contemplating becoming a driving instructor, and have just discovered this website. I have spoken to one instructor who was very helpful, I have looked on at least a dozen websites today alone, on the subject of ADI. I'm wondering whether to tackle Part 1 on my own, and wondered if anyone can reccommend the BEST books for that. I've been on the DSA website, but it's not 100% clear (to me anyway!) which are the right books/cd rom etc to get. One of the things I have learnt so far is that I can't afford to get it wrong, and research is everything.
So I guess my question is, Is it wise to go the solo route for part 1, and then seek an instructor for parts 2 and 3?
Or should I do the whole training with an instructor? :?

28-07-04 17:35:36

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Re: To be or not to be?

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Re: To be or not to be?

hello there it is a good site this,i myself are in the same position as yourself i have just bought a cd-rom called driving test theory by focus from whsmiths it is priced at 9.99, itcontains 2 discs one on theory,and one on hazard. it also has progress chart and everything including adi questions. im also going to buy driving the essential skills from smiths for 12.95.for part 2 i am going to go with a local instructor who has been recomended by a adi on this site this should work out a lot cheaper but for part 3 i am going to go with a school at a price of 608.00. good luck if you need some help on questions for part 1 let me know and we could possibly do part 1 together lol

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Re: To be or not to be?

You should contact DSA Cardington and get hold of the ADI Pack (ADI 14).

You can also get the ADI querstion bank for Part 1 from them

Purchase also the The Guide for Driving Instructors by the DSA usually in stock in WHS

Assuming you have a copy of the latest Highway Code -( Revised 2004)

Tel No of Cardington :  01234 744054


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Re: To be or not to be?

with hindsight...

i wish i hadn't paid £500 for a few printed folders detailing part 1, with b*m..

part II all you need is to hook up with a local ADI, explain the situation...

part III is when you need an ORDIT training establishment, and this is where most of the expense it, countywide in brighton were very good maggie  wink

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