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#1 08-07-04 16:49:18


Cambridge (Cowley Road) Test Routes


Does anyone know the test routes for the Cowley Road Test Centre in Cambridge? The more the merrier!!!

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

08-07-04 16:49:18

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Re: Cambridge (Cowley Road) Test Routes

#2 24-07-04 17:10:36

yummy mummy

Re: Cambridge (Cowley Road) Test Routes

Hi I have my test soon also at cowley road test centre. The routes I know of that they can take you are- out of test centre and take third exit at the roundabout on milton road to m ilton. The other is take the 2nd exit and head towards impington or carry on which I think takes you to nr landbeach area.
You can also get asked to go straight onto the A14 or at some point throughout the test?
You could be asked to head back into cambridge via milton road. But most likely that you will be asked to turn right onto milton road from test centre and then be asked the take one of the exits at that round about, so it would be worth while knowing the exits well and the villages nr there within about a 5 mile radius of this roundabout.This is only based on where I have been taught and in relation to where I have been taken in preparation for my test.
Sorry if this isnt very helpful to you or if you have already taken your test.

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